Thursday, April 2, 2009


Wolverine will not get a dime out of me this SUMMER!!

I am not a big fan of watching bootleg versions of a film.  I believe in watching the film in the theaters so that the hard workers of the films get paid.  Not the companies or the other people with million dollar checks, but the gaffers, grips, and other hard workers who get paid regular salaries and need that money.  But I saw some of the plot details of the film and I had to see it for myself.  So I was able to find it and watch it real quick.  Here is my review of Wolverine:

Let first start by saying that I am a big comic book reader, have been one since my teens and I read all about Wolverine and his origins from the Weapon X series to the Origin series; trust me when I say this: THIS MOVIE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS ACTUAL ORIGINS OF THE COMIC BOOK!!

This film adds a lot of mutants that have nothing to do with his origins or the Weapon X program itself.  Don't get me wrong it was nice to see Gambit in action, but they should have waited for another X-Men film to put him in instead of slapping him with Wolverine.

I will say this, If you have never read the comics before, never read comic books, or just don't care then this film is definitely for you.  It has good action sequences, nice story, and all the actors from Hugh Jackman to Liev Schreiber (Sabertooth).  But as a loyal comic book reader, I must say NO to this film and shame on 20th Century Fox for allowing this film to be made for it destroys the TRUE origin of Wolverine.  For those true comic book readers I say do not, I repeat DO NOT go to the movies and see this film to show the companies that they cannot screw with our comic book favorites and heroes.

In short, I rank this film as a stinker in comic book films along with HULK and Spider-Man 3!

[WARNING] - If you do not want to know what happens in the film, don't read further!

1st off, they put that Logan and Sabertooth in the film are brothers.  Excuse me for saying this, but are kidding me!  Those who know comics know that Logan never met Sabertooth till years later after the Weapon X program.  Then in the film you add all these mutants like Gambit, Cyclops, and the Blob.  All of these characters have nothing to do with Wolverine's origin or the Weapon X program.  

Want to know something funny?  In this film, since they put that Logan and Sabertooth are brothers and have known each other since the late 1800's, then why when they see each other in the X-Men film do they not know each other.  (Continuity error anyone?)

And trust me there is a lot more...


Monday, March 9, 2009


"Who Watches the Watchmen?" is the catch-phrase of the film, and I can tell you that I watch the Watchmen over and over again if I could.  I saw this film last night at Point Orlando in IMAX and I can honestly say that the film was everything I expected.

Like many loyal fans I am a fan of the graphic novel from Alan Moore.  When I saw the film last night I felt that the director Zack Snyder (300) did a good job bringing this story into film form and all of the actors who played from Dr. Manhattan to Rorscharch did terrific jobs.  The action was there, and so was the essence of the graphic novel.  My only problem is the fact the they cut out alot of valuable information from the film that was in the graphic novel.  I understand that Hollywood would like to make it as short as they can, but they must understand that this is a story that you cannot just tell in short length.  I wouldn't have minded if the film was over 3 hours, as long as it stuck to the roots.  

This film is not for everyone.  If you are expecting a film like Spider-Man or Batman or any of those comic book heroes, then this film is not for you.  This film is more literally than any other superhero film.  Other than that, I enjoyed the film and wouldn't mind watching it again.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday the 13th

The lights go down, the music score comes in through the systems, and 15 minutes in the movie comes the killer of the film Jason Voorhees killing at least 5 people before the main credit title of the film even pops up.  Now that is how a horror movie should start.

This past Sunday I went to the Regal Cinemas at Waterford Lakes in Orlando, FL to see the revamp of the popular horror franchise "Friday the 13th".  Revamped by Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes, the same company that revamped "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and Amityville Horror", comes this new version of the Jason franchise and I must say it was quite good.  I'm not a big remake fan; I love the original masterpieces of any film, but this version of the killer Jason was well done for a horror.

One thing I like d about the revamp is that in the beginning of the film during the credits the audiences catches a glimpse of how the murdering really started in Camp Crystal Lake; meaning showing the mother of Jason killing the camp counselors before her fateful beheading by the remaining survivor.  Then the film starts with Jason.  This I liked because I am a huge fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and I know that the first film the person doing all the killings was originally Jason's mother hellbent on revenge.

For those horror fans who love the old school Jason with how he massacres his victims, the murder and mayhem, then this film is definitely for you.

Overall rating for a Horror film: 4 out of 5

Monday, February 23, 2009


"I don't know who you are, but if you don't let my daughter go I will find you and I will kill you."  These are the words of Bryan Mills (portrayed by Liam Neeson) in the new action/thriller film 'TAKEN'.  This film has everything a fan of spy films expect; from chase scenes to fighting skills.  I saw this film last night at the AMC theatre at Universal Studios Florida and I was blown away by the film, better than I expected.

The story revolves around Bryan Mills, a retired spy for the U.S. government, who finds out that his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) has been taken by people in France and he stops at nothing to bring back his daughter safely.  

The movie starts off dramatically so to know who each character is and what has happened in their lives, but once she gets taken the action starts and never lets up.  I was blown away by Liam Neeson in this film.  He is a great actor who should get every recognition he deserves.  And the film is directed by new French director Pierre Morel (director of District B-13).  He has done a wonderful job of creating all of the action sequences and how it was captured on film.  Of course not all credit goes to Mr. Neeson and Mr. Morel, but also to the great Luc Besson.  He created the story to this film and wrote half of the screenplay.  For those who do not know Luc Besson, he is the director of such hits as 'The Professional' and 'The Fifth Element'.  

Overall, this film is a great action film that should watched in the theaters while it is still out.  If you love spy films such as the new James Bond films and the Bourne trilogy, then this film 'TAKEN' is not to be missed.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Wrestler

When I saw Darren Aronofsky made "The Fountain"; I went to see it but I was a bit disappointed at the time, but he has regained my faith in his skills with his latest film "The Wrestler".  I went to see the movie at night at the Aventura Mall AMC theater, and I must say that it was worth every penny.

"The Wrestler" is the story of Randy 'The Ram' Robinson (Mickey Rourke), an 80's wrestler who is not in the big time anymore but has not given hope of regaining his stardom again.  He basically lives a lonely life as a part time worker at a supermarket and taking jobs on the weekends at little arenas still wrestling, until something bad happens to him in which the doctors tell him he cannot wrestle anymore.  So now he has to struggle in the world with no more wrestling.

Mickey Rourke was at one time believed to be washed up just like his character, but after watching this movie I must tip my hat off to the man.  Rourke has come back in a big way with this film.  He portrays his character very well to a point that as an audience member you feel his pain from beginning to end and you start loving the guy and feeling sorry for him at times.  Mickey Rourke definitely deserved his golden globe win as best actor for this role, he deserved everything given to him for this film.

Darren Aronofsky has directed one of his best films in a couple of years.  This film ranks up there his other greats "Pi" and "Requiem for a Dream".  

What I also love about this film is that it is classic filmmaking 101 with simple lighting, good camera work, great acting with Rourke and Marissa Tomei, great script and terrific directing.  No special effects, just classic filming.  This movie is worth watching at the theaters and not to be missed.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Monday, February 2, 2009

CHE (Parts 1 & 2)

Wonderful and Beautiful.  That's all I have to say about this film.  Ever since I heard that Puerto Rican actor Benicio Del Toro was going to play the main role of Ernesto "CHE" Guevara, I knew that the director Steven Soderbergh was going to do a beautiful job on the film; after watching it, it was everything I was expecting from the film.

For those who do not know who Che is, he is a revolutionist who believed that every person should have their own freedom from oppression and political corruptness.  He is from Argentina but after his travels in South America he decided to dedicate his life in the freedom of all peoples in Latin America, and he started by helping Fidel Castro in winning and taking over Cuba.  There have been multiple books and personal journal entries from Che himself for those who would like to know him, but I suggest you watch this epic film.  I live in florida and unfortunately they do not have it in the theaters down here, but I was lucky enough to watch both films in my travel to Puerto Rico and saw it there.

Part 1 of the film starts with the invasion of Cuba and helping Fidel Castro in the war against Batista; at the same time you will see scenes of his trip to the United States to speak to the United Nations.  In Part 2 he travels to Bolivia to try and help the Bolivian people.  In both films Benicio does not let up from playing the role of CHE, but also big respect to all of the supporting actors and crew members who contributed to making this film so epic.  Soderbergh knew exactly what he was doing from start to finish with the gritty and guerrilla style of filmmaking to make the audience feel like they are really there experiencing everything: the pain, sorrow, laughter, and smiles of the people.

Warning: this film is made in a documentary type way; there aren't those moments of actors shining or all about themselves in front of the camera.  If you like films such as TRAFFIC or BABEL, then this film is for you.  Same style, same type of camera work, and the film is not just about the main actor; the film is about the film in general in its entirety.   Also, the film is entirely filmed in spanish.  the only english dialogues is when there are scenes with Americans; I liked that a lot because I hate it when films made by an American filmmaker is set in a foreign country but they magically all speak english.  Not in this film; the actors in latin territories speak in spanish.

Overall, this epic film is worth watching again for its artistic and creative point of view; you watch the film through the eyes of Ernesto "CHE" Guevara.

Overall rating:  5 out of 5. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

This film is absolutely hilarious for a PG rated film. I went to see this film this past Tuesday with a buddy of mine over at the AMC Loews Cineplex in Universal Studios in Orlando. I must say that it was everything I expected from Kevin James.

This film is about a Mall Cop (Kevin James) who tried for the New Jersey State Police Force but failed because of his hypoglycemia (needs sugar) and is stuck being a mall cop and then a group of mall terrorists come to rob the mall and he is the only hope.

For those of you who do not know who Kevin James is, he was the star of the hit comedy sitcom "King of Queens" and starred in both "HITCH" and "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry". This is his first film where he is the main star of the film, and he came out on top. He carried his own comedy weight fort this film and was successful. This film was really funny in every way from the beginning to the end of the film. Now yes there were some moments that they could have done a bit better or wasn't necessary for the film, but overall this film is fun and funny fore the whole family.

For those who want to see a good old fashion comedy without the cussing or foul mouth, just plain witty comedy in the style of Abbot & Costello; then this film is for you.

Total rating of this film: 4 out of 5.